More advances on weather

cd /home/motey/bin
echo -ne "Page 1"
convert -crop 416x242+261+258 page1.png map1.png
echo -ne "Page 2"
convert -crop 517x378+140+299 page2.png map2.png
echo -ne "Page 3"
convert -crop 517x375+147+275 page3.png map3.png
echo -ne "Page 4"
convert -crop 427x505+199+140 page4.png map4.png
python "">page5.png
echo "Page 5"
convert -crop 810x1048+70+354 page5.png map5.png
display map1.png & display map2.png & display map3.png & display map4.png & display map5.png

Ultimately I will merge the data to textures and incorporate them as a room in the caves of reason. Above is the latest script and I like the graphing they do as it seems to be done with gnuplot, but since it is the gubmint it is more likely they are paying Microsoft ( with my money ) for something that is available free. Mickey Microsoft knows how to make money for nothing, that is for sure. The sad thing is that the government we own is in cahoots to help them rob the people they are "supposed" to serve.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen