Open Computer vision and Haar like stuff

I am learning OpenCV ( Top notch work ) and the algorithms that it uses. I have implemented many of these algorithms before by creating them myself. I used this and another algo in the 1980s for character recognition and sound. There are some interesting ideas there and the idea of background subtraction from a video stream is one I had implemented already.

The goal is to integrate this knowledge and tool with ones I have already made. It was my idea that I could extract the information from a video or audio stream and reconstruct it in new ways. As an example I could take an open course ware with a professor and extract the movements as a character, the background as a flat and the body movements as a script for blender or my own openGL sequences. As a result, the entire video could be compressed to a series of flats, textures, grease pencil scripts, and espeak sequences.

The goal is not to do this, but to apply the concepts in conjunction with others to analyze the universe. I watched a Ted talk by Wolfram and he thinks he can get the equation for everything before I do by crowd sourcing. I have the advantage of 100% honest sharing between my neural array and this removes a great deal of complexity and delay.

Wikipedia is becoming more coherent and so are other tools and sources. I like the entire interconnected globs of logic. Fallacy in reasoning.

I am integrating dozens of tools and data sets simultaneously so this is just a daily snapshot of what I am dealing with at the moment. It is all becoming coherent, so I am reasonably certain it will all coalesce. I don't want to leave out something that would require me to reconstruct the entire system from scratch again. It may become necessary, but generally the framework is holding. Another interesting thing is the decomposition of the "five in a row game". Each of these things provides a little better pointing vector to the structure of a complete system. I have decomposed celestia as a tool also. I do agree with Wolfram that the method that solves all relationships is the most important and my suggestion is that implementing it in a self replicating framework of carbon is the only dominant strategy.

Something else that is interesting is the vector equation of the Egyptian pyramids as it relates to the rotation of the Earth, magnetic north changes, continental drift, movement of stars in the Galaxy, and perhaps some dual use applications of the same setup. It is hard to accept that 5,000 years of technology could not yield some surprises, but somebody must have looted or simply damaged their systems. I can imagine what could have been implemented, but the best approach is using biotech and that leaves little trace if not maintained.

So, OpenCV and all the code and docs is a must read. Even though I know it must be so, it surprises me every day, how much I don't yet know.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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