Alien Peak or Alien Valley

I overlayed this on my exercise chart to demonstrate two things, how easy it is to convert data to charts using gnuplot. and to show where and when I suggested this as a way to identify life signs. ( I had suggested it to an astronomer several years ago, but AFAIK it didn't sink in). I suppose I could use gimp to take a plot and overlay it on a graphic, but doesn't that just detract from the information?

I have been analyzing many of the star data sets available. It is interesting that Stephen Hawking now suggests that we hide from the aliens because they will do like the Spanish did to the Incas. I am not sure that any number of Nobel prizes and doctorates in Physics would make him the best source for sociological answers. I would guess that it runs the gamut from dangerous to peaceful, much like any complex biological system.

I have been working on a way to connect two equipartition systems with a channel that allows movement without energy, ( similar to superconducting) Gravity Time Lash Rift. The proof of the pudding is in the stars. Things are progressing and eventually I will get the best set of tools I can muster ready, and go.

I can't know if somebody was already thinking this way and I don't care. Duplicate invention is rampant and trying to profit by being the first of hundreds to see a simple relationship stunts the process.

I have been using my n-body math to do some calculations on complex systems of gravity, neutron stars and other objects and it is showing some interesting results.

There are other sources of information and I am looking at WISE at the moment. As I said before, if I had a set of Blue Genes and a fiber connect, I would make short work of this, but alas it progresses slowly, but such is life.

Volcano and infrared stars. You never know what is going to happen in an infinite universe.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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