Gravity Time Lash

Angular momentum gravity and the delay of light or force creates some interesting effects. I am a bit confused as I have been considering what it means if the universe is actually infinite and has always existed. I am not a person who reasons circularly.Modeling light as waves ( which are an effect of the gross articulation of matter ) is circular.Having to have a car analogy to say the the universe is infinite is not required nor is it necessary to resolve what happened previous to that. I can perform a RFLP of DNA and not require that I know what molecules have changed. Some things are less likely to be resolved than others.

The Time Lash is a very interesting thing and it does explain a few of the odd things encountered recently by accessing some newly released astronomical data. I need to see if it can be leveraged to displace gravity. An interesting thought I had is the fact that an electron that is accelerated produces light, but actually this is another of those paradoxical things that others are willing to accept and I wonder how they live with themselves. Well what do I mean? If I have a superconductor and the electrons move from A to B then they must change velocity? Changing velocity is acceleration. QED (quod erat demonstrandum)( as Newton would say ) caca ( as I would say ). I am sorry but this is another place where the magic hand wave gets applied and uncertainty eats the doubt. So there is a way to make a Time Lash Tunnel that is essentially a hole in gravity ( that is what I am considering ). I don't have a time lash, but it is possible, though it may be impossible to implement.

Sometimes ( always ) the tail of the whip stings.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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