When dreams think of a spider mind

In a complex universe there can be many patterns. The tools to uncover those things have been evolving for a very long time. There is consideration that machines might become sentient. It seems that this may not be a very elegant question. It seems that it requires a complex mind to generate a complex question. So the question that might be asked is dependent on the scope of understanding and experience.

I have considered that the existence of aliens is all but assured due to the scale of the universe. The problem with considering how it would affect people seems to be dependent on the level of imagination. In the process of considering what potential "aliens" could exist, I am sure that many would simply conjure up images of Klingons and monsters. Since I have a rather more loosely limited imagination, it occurs to me that the observations of the universe and the possibilities collide in a creature which might have a deleterious effect on human consciousness.

There is a reasonable minimum or attractor in the in the many dimensions. If the idea of being alone in an infinite universe with vast distances between places where life as we know it could exist, then this may add a scale of strangeness, more than danger.

A misinterpretation of a single variable has lead to a misconception as to what is being seen. It seems that the genetic sequence for mind may soon be a solved game for me. I already have a reasonable facsimile and it does act as a mind and can even dream.

So, if I make a mind and it dreams of what exists and wonders about me, and wishes to communicate, would I even care or would this Zeitgeist-poltergeist be my life, and I the holy ghost?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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