Solved game of chemistry

A lot of areas are improving as I develop techniques to deal with science using my new tools. The infinite dimensions math is working fine, but needs some extensions. It does seem that chemistry is a lot like checkers and I have been reprogramming a checkers AI recently for experience and to get a feel for making a tool that models a chemical process.

What makes it possible is a certainty interface to bonding. By abstracting the physics of the interaction of atoms it is possible to play the combinations as moves. The real process is of course infinite in variation, but the chemical process has nodes which are present at each temperature.

I have two advantages, the ability to watch molecules interact, and the equation which defines the interaction between nucleus and electron. I have not devised a method to view the action of the electrons as they form bonds, but that would be a nice addition. I have a general idea of how that can be done, but it may be some time before I can make a prototype.

I remembered a design that I did in 2000 and it seems that I forget things that people don't duplicate. It is possible to make a cheap solar energy to electricity device. When I say cheap, I mean something like 10$ construction cost for a 10' × 10' panel. It converts using a process that does not require any specialty material and is simply a mechanical system. I discovered it as an extension of some toys that Volta, Tesla or somebody made. I am surprised that has not been duplicated by some other inventor.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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