Vegeterian vampire

I wonder why it is that people imagine the immortal never-dead would need the blood of something to sustain themselves. This seems to be an allegory for the nature of power and government instead of some mythical creature. A character instantiated in Vlad the Impaler would perhaps be representative of a ruler so mad that he actually drank the blood of his enemies to show his contempt and animal viciousness.

It seems that a vampire would be a rather dull and unassuming creature. An actual immortal creature, as I know it is now possible, would not be scary at all. It is not the creature that would be monstrous and vicious, it is the human which is actually the blood thirsty predator that feeds on its own kind. I use the term vampire simply as an analogy. I am speaking of an immortal creature which may be ageless. I am not sure why it is that movies always portray aliens as needing something from humans and willing to do anything to get it. It seems that the greatest threat that a real living vampire might pose is to the sense of the extreme relevance of the human. The crown of creation. How odd that a creature that grew from dirt and worms, that dies from a million cuts, would crown themselves king of the universe and actually believe that. The scale of self delusion is incomprehensible.

An immortal creature would not think of mating with a lower species, though I am aware that humans do. It seems the projection of evil comes from the fact that the evil lives in the heart of the accuser, as does beauty and pain.

An XKCD comic comes to mind about ants. They won't come to steal your precious or need your blood, they will just ignore humanity and sometimes wonder what it would be like to be such a slow witted, uncooperative, and easily damaged creature. It is so simple a human could do it, at least that is the joke, as I heard them tell it, at the salad bar.

The latest advances in AI have revealed some new corner case darkness and though I am much the wiser, I am also much the sadder for knowing what I am not.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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