Viral kings in many realms

The nature of biology is such that almost everything is interacting with everything else. In the body we have many natural bacteria that are not harmful and they actually protect a person from infection by more devastating disease simply for their own continuance. As a symbiotic arrangement it has barely evolved yet for humans. This is also true of society. It could be considered an almost exact correspondence to government. It is their goal to live and thrive on the work of the body politic.

The problem I see with both worlds is that an effective symbiotic organism has not evolved to infect as yet. In the case of the body we ingest chemicals that do as much harm to the general health at times to rid ourselves of infection. So is the case with governments. You have to weigh the consequence of killing much of the body to dispose of the disease.

In the case of governments it is not a simple impulse reaction which can be understood and augmented. The political virus stems from the same stock as the host and has many talents that mimic the strategy of the virus. Deception, cloaking, and burrowing into the very structure of being so that its removal is death to the organism.

The process of computer virus is also a parallel. It seems to me that the solution which can be applied in all three circumstances would be the most prized. I have implemented methods in the design of my operating system so that it can't be infected by typical agents and that is the advantage of that which is foreign. I have no perfect answer to correct this inherent problem at any scale, but I am considering what might work to make all organisms and systems more useful and resistant to being misdirected from their intended purpose.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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