Google railroad is coming through

It seems that Google does more for people than the government. I mean that seriously. Recently they have begun captioning with Google speech recognition on YouTube. This is something that the government should create if it was really acting in the interests of people. Another is information. So politicians want everybody to have an education, who delivers a free education? MIT and Wikipedia. The government wants an education that it controls, so it can bleed the revenue stream and control content to be what they desire.

Google is willing to stand up for human rights and is placed in the position of negotiating between cultures. It seems to me that Google does more just because, or simply for image, it doesn't matter, than people who are paid and elected specifically for this purpose.

In fact the government wants to limit and control the flow of information, and tax it. Yes, that is the way to make sure that people are informed, educated, connected, and have a voice. In a totalitarian state that is. Google seems to be the life blood of culture and governments seem to be the culture that can be plated from it.

For what ever reasons that Google, MIT, Wikipedia and Open Source act, I hope that they continue to provide the antibiotic that may be the only cure for the isolation imposed for the benefit of

dict dictator
30 Moby Thesaurus words for "dictator": Simon Legree, absolute monarch, absolute ruler, all-powerful ruler, arrogator, autarch, authoritarian, authoritative, autocrat, caesar, commissar, czar, despot, disciplinarian, doctrinaire, driver, duce, hard master, martinet, oligarch, oppressor, overlord, pharaoh, slave driver, stern, stickler, strong man, tyrant, usurper, warlord

I look forward to extending and remixing the concept of closed caption and translation. This is the advantage of openness, each thing can be combined with every other new advancement by millions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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