political virus: sudo make me king

It is true that it only takes one corrupt person to destroy an entire government. It is very much like a trust system in computers. If you give a corrupt politician the password to be above the law and change or enact any law then you have given away your freedom. I am quite certain that this is the logic and a better explanation than "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." The problem is that somebody forgot to watch the door one night and the bandits own the capital building already and no amount of vigilance can help now.

Government should be designed with a back door that turns it of when it becomes corrupt. When you give anyone your password and they change it as their first act, you are screwed.

I saw an article on a computer program that could to some small extent read minds and some people were worried that governments would use that to dig in people's brains like a search warrant. I don't think it makes much difference as they just make up whatever serves their purpose anyway. Unless there were a "first law" that the judge and witnesses against must be constantly under this measure, it would just be a waste of time to implement as the judges and lawyers just do what they want anyway. You can't pass a law that is detrimental to the interest of a lawmaker. It is simple logic. This is probably why it starts out looking like a good idea to have an honest good man lead and then it constantly erodes when people become complacent and it only requires one single infection with a rotten person to destroy an entire government. VIRUS: sudo make me king.

Another thing which can help without making life too complicated is "dict". I can implement it as English by including it in my recognizer, but it is also an easy command to remember. I might type "What is" something and really the fact that it then types "dict" for you is no real big deal, but it might be if you are in a foreign country and need to use the phone or something. There really is no reason that a simple universal phrase translator would be difficult. This is the kind of thing that governments should be doing instead of supporting Microsoft and RIAA. It would require two people to say it in English and one who knows English and French. Then place it on the web and make it available to everybody. The same is true of any endeavor which is useful to everybody and by sharing the cost it becomes about 1 billionth of a cent per person amortized over infinity. Instead of doing this, governments spend 100 trillion dollars to build a something to kill people.

Anyway I can use the online dictionary easier than doing a Google search and it is faster. In this case I can determine if a word is real or not, for instance in a scrabble game or in a sentence. I see that debian is using this more and more. It returns alternates or close matches when you type poorly. It is very much like Google that starts by correcting your spelling for common words.

The real fun here is that if I program in English language, I can spell check my program, which is something that I can't do with a C program. When you create a new language, you need a new dictionary and with C programming or any computer language in fact, the programmer creates new words to describe things and that is another reason to have a more realistic programming method.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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