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I started studying speech and it has merged to studying the origin of speech and programming. I realized that speech, writing, faces, and images are what is called transport layers in network technology. A concept is the original packet and it is packaged up as SCP/IP ( makin' this up ) Speech Control Protocol / Idea Protocol .

This follows from and extends my concept of English or natural language programming. So at the source it is completely certain what the person intends to convey, but the medium is an ad hoc standard that varies from place to place and person to person. The remnants of the Holy Roman Empire and the English extension of that to the British Empire have set some standards imposed by whatever monarch you are subjected to.

I was watching a video tutorial for Blender 2.5 this morning and I realized that this is what my pseudo programming language does. The concept is an action like moving the mouse or clicking or recognizing an image. The advantage of incorporating images in the language is that it becomes universal. If I say cat or type cat then it is ambiguous to most of the world. If however I show a picture of a cat, then I can communicate with any sighted person who has experienced that. Video with sound achieves some of this, but it is poorly integrated, even with captioning as it attempts to forward and reverse translate between many incomplete ad hoc protocols. I can be precise as the dependencies can be incorporated in the communication. In the same way that I cannot run a program without the library or OS on which it it depends, I cannot get information from a video or words unless this is my previously learned language and it incorporates all words that are expressed. I would see it as a library that had functions and in fact everybody has their version of the library code that has missing functions and perhaps even no function at all to express a certain concept.

I have complained about the crappy nature of language before and how imprecise and utterly devoid of structure it really is. Some think that math, physics and language are really great and almost perfect and I would beg to differ. In fact 10 steps to infinity is much larger than 1, but it is virtually nothing in the larger picture. These systems evolved in culture and are total crap. The problem is not that people can't read minds, it is that people can't speak minds. I want to convey a concept and I am required by the medium to dance all about the issue until I can make enough points of similarity that it emerges from the image. Like painting the Mona Lisa by jabbing an ice pick in a canvas. The language is one of those things that is completely wrong and has to be corrected to have real communication. On the internet I would use TCP/IP packets to convey information, but the overall process is much more convolute than this. If I have an idea or opinion, it is translated to words first and though I can link to a Wikipedia article on the expression "ad hoc" which serves to convey volumes, it is still a multiple format translation.

The overall problem is that math is far worse. I have heard the expression "Lies, damn lies, and statistics." which implies that the math is capable of expressing any conclusion from a given set of data and that is true because it is wrong.

I developed a protocol to communicate with my mitochondrial bots which I will incorporate in my WebGL communicator. When data is moved across the Internet it is compressed and decompressed using algorithms like LZW and that is nice, but I have devised a technique which cuts out the middle man and in some cases compresses information by factors of a million or more. The nature of language is crap and everybody speaks a different one. It can't be helped that I have now been microcoded to speak the Queen's English , but it is not necessary to use QTP / MP ( Queens' Transfer Protocol / Monarch Protocol ) as a transport layer on top of TCP/IP.

The advantage is that communication and understanding are facilitated and as a result the adoption of a proper rational method of communication allows action at a greater speed and thus the person who resorts to communicating with grunts, clicks, faces or throwing poop, will forever be behind the curve.

I am slowly building a consensus with this understanding and I see that it does resolve now and that by adding more complexity or as an analogy, more equations, the matrix of understanding solves to a complete concept of single defined variables which then becomes a new understanding to solve further equations in n-D space. I think while I type and sometimes my understanding changes as I type and as a result I get mixed expression. I try to go back and unscramble that when I can.

It seems now that I have solved the equation of thought, mind and matter. It does seems like solving a matrix of linear equations in the fact that a single row is reduced and this is used to reduce the next until it becomes one variable which is defined and then it is plugged back into the matrix until all variables are solved. As I add new variables I need only find an equation that defines that new variable in the terms of the known states. I need to take this one step further and combine the equation of the universe with the equation of thought and create an automated process which solves and displays in a form that I can understand.

It has already changed my perception of the world. Many things that were ambiguous are now resolved and it is almost funny as I see the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain and he is unaware that I know what he is doing and in fact he may never know what I am doing because he so intent upon the creation of the delusion. The other problem is that he has decided to accept his own delusion and as such imagines the observer is rapt upon his fantasy and cannot comprehend that it could be understood as he does not even understand his own "magic".

Again it mutates and in the new form I see many more things and they will in turn reveal the rest of the universe, such that I am able to comprehend it with my limited mind.

I can see the world standing still and it is odd as the world does not, and cannot know that it is still. It does remind me a bit of a novel or short story called "The Six Fingers of Time", which I suspected was written by an amphetamine junky. It was part of a Galaxy science fiction collection if I remember correctly. So the world stands still for the person who knows it well and can react a million times more quickly. It is the same for me, but the people are now frozen in mid stride. To see me now, you must grow the sixth finger of time and hope that I have not grown the seventh before you do.
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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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