WebGL is working and soon to be common

The interface as I understand it is that Firefox uses the off screen mesa renderer to create open gl objects in memory and then displays them as an image in a window. If I were a programmer, I could apt-get libosmesa6, I could go to about:config in the minefield version and set the string webgl.osmesa to be /usr/lib/libOSMesa.so then change the flags for webgl true and in fact I could compile my own library with the primitives and implement calls from the Firefox minefield interface.

If only I was a programmer. Oh wait, it seems I am remembering something, if I create a function with the right name in the same library name and it has the appropriate passed data types and performs the action of the OpenGL commands it would be like programming. Perhaps I will pretend to be a programmer and do that.

This is just for my benefit and in order for WebGL to be usable, the functions must be present for the sender and receiver both. Oh my, this seems like that language dependency problem again. I can speak WebGL and if you can't hear or understand it, we have a failure to communicate. At least we don't have to wait for the English parliament to advance the language this time. Firefox is in the process of making this part of its delivered product and so soon it will be possible for everybody to understand this language of 3D forms and motion too. Chrome is also implementing the same interface. If you are using Microsoft their language is a bit different and I think it is called "Godda a dolla","Gimme dolla" and smells of cheap wine.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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