Myopic reasoning

Studying the nature of voice recognition today again. In the process of analyzing it in unique ways I ran into something which relates to quantum mechanics. That was an unexpected treasure. This is going to have far reaching consequences. I am still looking at voice recognition, but I stepped back to look at transfer of motion in 3 space as the container case. Strange, as it relates to entanglement also. That was a very unexpected synergy. I discover so many new things every day that they hardly have a chance to sink in before they become mutated and extended to something new. I think that even though the new understanding is fantastic and almost mesmerizing in its complexity and utility, I must step back and consider that some form of damping is required as the interactions are cascading a bit and though I would like to see what is behind curtain number 4, I am not willing to stand in a gamma ray burst to know.

It has revised and extended my understanding of electrons also. It is becoming clear that there is a single thing, something like a vector, in the structure of all this. I need a tool that simulates the process I am experiencing and a means to interpret the results. More complexity ensues and hopefully it will resolve before I reach some impossible scale of interacting infinities.

So now I am going to make a tool that does something which seems to be completely unrelated to speech, which then will be applied in a dozen ways including speech. Ow! that hurt. A complete new dimension was created and now I have a new place to look that contains as much information as the entire universe again. Consider in the tradition of Rod Serling and Twilight Zone, if a signal is present ....... A new dimension of mind and imagination. There is so much there in the possibilities that has never even been considered, let alone explored. TMI, shutting down.

I didn't get the interaction shut down fast enough and a new dimension opened up which has to do with neutrinos and how they are created and detected. Now I have an appointment to go back to every room on Hilbert's hotel and check if somebody dropped a set of keys and then I have to go to all the rooms again for every element in a new infinite set. Talk about tedious.

Something has been nagging me for a long time, and it is uniform circular motion. I just thought of that in this context and now I better go stare at a tree until this vertigo subsides.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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