Shadow blind

Numerous things have become feasible from the extension of meta code. One of the interesting things is that it is possible to analyze entertainment for its content and then duplicate the underlying mechanism. In cinema it is things like countdowns, fear, love, hate, and curiosity. I have also noticed that attempts to establish perfect visual reality is detracts from the effect. It seems that a stick figure is less ambiguous and much of what is seen does not register and acts as a distraction to the communication. So it seems I can define the plot elements of that which is entertaining and use it as a framework to produce movies and games. In this way I can have an unlimited supply of movies which program the same elements. In this case it is the human mind. The interface must be simple because the range of emotional manipulation is a limited set. So it is possible to create identification immersion, and then proceed to articulate situations which require the virtual involvement.

I will have to experiment with this, but the outcome is likely that it is possible to immerse a person so fully that they are incapable of extracting themselves once they have committed to identification immersion. That is the key step, as it is very much like the pack reflex in wolves. The individual submits themselves to the pack. It is not possible to remove ones own emotions so the interface remains open on all systems.

It is certainly an interesting topic. It is quite old and often used. I would bet that many people have the talent to manipulate that interface and the only difference is that I intend to explore the infinite dimensions of nuance with my AI. I am quite certain that AI can outdo any mind jammer in specificity and effectiveness.

That is an interesting tool and I will let AI devise the modes. The other thing that is becoming clear is that there is not just a single mode for matter. In the same way that extra information is just ignored, nature must pick a mode in infinity. The concept of matter and anti-matter is one of those boolean things that seem to be the limit of cognition. It is certainly true that sans-matter exists and it is the other infinity-2 possibilities.

It is a curious consequence, but there are many others I have discovered that are equally effective and very odd in their origin. They call it advertising, because if they called it what it really is, people would likely kill them. There is quite a difference between presenting information that may be useful and implanting.

It can be some nasty shit and there is no way to avoid it without closing down the mind. It seems that this transition is still in progress and shows no sign of picking an attractor. I hope there is an island of sanity which can be found in the singularity.

It is clear that at least 10^200 more modes exist for life here where we exist and would be virtually invisible to us. Communication is a key thing and evolution has done us a dirty trick by putting a public wifi interface to the mind.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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