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python webkit2png.py http://www.somepage/>page.png convert -crop 416x242+261+258 page.png cropped.png

This is an example of one shell script used to get the data of interest and leave the rest. The code is created in a script in the execute path of shell and then the normal language interface translates a statement into the action in whatever language or script is required. In this case it could be "show me the US precipitation map" or "show me the US temperature map" and I have published a shell script that does this and it is actually easier to make a hash and data base, but that is a long program and should be something that any programmer can do in a matter of minutes.

I was trying out a python script called webkit2png.py and combining that with all my other programs and plasmoids and such. It is very odd, but I can change my entire view of the web by making my interface more and more intelligent all the time. I browse the web in a rather obtuse way. By using many scripts and pre processing of data, I eat all the worms and spit out the germs.

To make that more clear, spam is considered net trash and just thrown away. It could be considered a resource. A lot of effort goes into creating and shoveling spam into NULL space. If the stream can be manipulated , it becomes a tool and though that process distorts the purpose of the spam to different goals, they are offering it for free and why shouldn't I get a computational gain from their effort. It would seem that if the effectiveness of the spam was reduced they would produce more to get the same effect and I could then collect more. Any state change that has memory can be made computational. By influencing the manifold space of the envelope, I am simply programming in a new language. The spam must be cast and thus is a process and any process can be programmed from external events. A honey pot is a kind of spam trap, but they are not reprogramming the stream to their benefit. They are taking a very dull and time consuming approach. It fails to take into account the underlying process. Removing or hardening an interface does not stop criminal motive, they have an infinite play field to act upon. Locking one of an infinite set of doors to your house simply means they will enter through the next.

So let them in an easy door and run them on a treadmill trying to get back out, so they generate electricity. Will you stop trying to leave, if I let you out?

Might work, I will consider it. Infinity plus one is always fun.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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