Outside the fear shaped box

Considering space. It is the mind which binds us to gravity and not matter. In an attempt to consider what I might encounter on the way in space ,it occurred to me that the approach is too naive. I can neutralize inertia and overcome gravity and I can project matter to a distance. This I certainly know how to do. That is sufficient for me to leave the Earth by my own skill.

What I now consider is the concept of emptiness itself. It is said that space is a vast empty sea, devoid of anything and it is the reason we can see to such a distance. I reject that as being a situational reasoning. A blind whale would hear echoes of other whales throughout the ocean and could reason on their limited sense that it was virtual emptiness as they can perceive quite well to the farthest reach of motion.

It is my assumption that life exists between the stars and is everywhere. It is the nature of that life which is the question. In the methods that we have devised these spaces are transparent. There is something there. What we consider real is not even a measurable relative portion of the total. People consider themselves bound by gravity and many other things. I think that it is not gravity that binds, but something more fundamental.

These answers become so obvious once entertained that it always gives me a sense of being stupid to have been so easily bound. That really makes me mad. Like living in a flat world of others delusion and discovering it is round. No theory is beyond doubt or extrapolation. Infinity is a long way off and when people tell me they know the way there, I should know better. The way of new understanding is orthogonal to the norm.

People wonder what good is space. There are only lifeless rocks there. In any time people look back at history and wonder how those people could be so stupid an ignorant, it will always be so. It is the nature of our current stupidity which is not yet known.

I am aware of many things that may be in the future and some are certainly odd enough to be good scary science fiction, but I don't want to give anybody ideas that will distract me from finding enough answers to let me be free of this curiously shaped delusion that is imposed on me.

I am beginning to get a sense of what this ubiquitous under life might be like and I doubt that this particular form would be any more aware of us than we would be of them. In the n-D calculations it should resolve now that I have a dimension to point at and look into that empty space for patterns.

Even now I have another interesting realization. Star Trek wandered the stars and supposedly encounters all these strange new things and developed methods to understand these life forms that existed in bizarre ways. What I realize is, that they wish to go where that strange life exists and discover it and yet if it existed directly in front of their face they would ignore it. If I throw a dart, where will it land?

As creatures of matter, it could be considered that life needs matter and atoms. Vast empty space, energy, structure. The breeding ground for life is much larger than we suspect. What a laugh it would be, if I discover how to communicate with a life that is every where in the universe. Would I tell? I would probably keep the information to myself for a while anyway.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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