Go to the stars and meet yourself

I have considered what genetics means in the past and as time passes it becomes more familiar. It is possible to "gene dope", which essentially means adding or changing a gene that has some effect. It is certainly an existential question eventually and that is what makes it inevitable. We change all the time and our cells die and are replaced with new and we discard the old self each day in the shower. The idea of waiting for nature to randomly choose a new gene that works in a situation by killing the failed organism is actually quite absurd with the knowledge we now have.

It leads to something that I realized long ago and was reticent to accept. It is that existence is a strange thing that depends on change and is viewed as unchanging. I am me, except that if I stay what I am forever, I am virtually dead. So it could be said that existence is not a physicality or condition, but more a vector that points to the future.

It seems reasonable that those who refuse to be more than they presently are, are destined to be nothing by comparison. That which advances is always ahead of that which stays still. The vector and the correctness of its direction and its strength points it to that destination in the stars.

If the changelings are all similar in their nature and not dependent on selection to breed, then no pressure exists for individual existentialism. It is not cyborg or hive minds or losing a sense of self, but more a collection of the best that is possible and always improving. There is no need to destroy others as they pose no genetic or actual threat. What person refuses to improve themselves?

The Cro-Magnon falls asleep and is reborn to the stars. People have been cutting themselves up to appear different and more like what they want to be for decades and why not make the change permanent.

If a person can be gene doped to become anything then the need to fight for the genetic future is over. We must all eventually become the something like "Pak Protectors" and build the first starworld. What gain is it to fight against oneself and as I have remarked before, we are all made of infinite matter, and what that really means philosophically, I have no clue. I would rather take the tools I have and make a new self than expect the universe to roll another seven.

From whence do you come and where shall you go? The answer, the past and future are all there in that vector in many dimensions for it points to the past as well as the future. Much like the immortals of my pseudo science fiction, momentum is immortal.

Strange days are upon us. There may be a place beyond the rising tide of technology where life will again search for the next wave. Until then I will continue to surf this wave until I am safe on the beach and wait, but not very long.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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