Cold or Hot?

While looking at map shading, it occurred to me that the color system is reversed. Infrared and red is a lower energy than blue or ultraviolet. I get the sense of cold from blue and hot from red, but that is actually reversed from the energies involved. I suppose it is the association between red as fire and ice as blue. The visual cue is used to represent the data and I am not sure that it wouldn't just be better to have a shade of gray that matched the kinetic energy content or an association to body temperature.

The neutral temperature would be nothing and so the scale is above and below body temperature, which seems quite a bit clearer in providing information which can be interpreted. So I have a new step in representing data of temperature which converts colors to red above 75 ° and blue below. This would give me an immediate idea of the situation. I can't deal with what temperature is purple and what is aqua-marine, it is TMI.And what temperature is mauve? The idea that blue+red=purple is used seems to completely invalidate the representation as providing a quick meaningful information source. It seems they just make pretty pictures to look at while you contemplate WTF you are supposed to get out of it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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