Zimming the Wiki with Link maps

So I am doing a bad thing that could bite me later, but I wanted to get ahead of things a bit. I got the debian for the new Zim, which is Python based and so I installed that. I have looked through the code a bit. Everything seems to work the same and I have no problems with functions. The Link Map is new and that is interesting, but seems to be a WIP. Great work all in all. I can program in perl, but actually I find it clumsy and cryptic and more difficult to read, after using Python more.

Actually I don't see how it could bite me as I have been in all the modules and it is much easier to understand structure with Python than perl. It was a good choice to upgrade this. Well done. It seems a bit more polished, intuitive and smoother while still keeping the speed up. It responds much better and just seems less clunky.

This is version 0.46 and it is WAY faster after the PY code gets compiled the first time and beats the interpreted perl by a factor of 10 or more. Total win. Code looks great too and is well formatted.

The new Google search is just what I needed to pair search terms I hope, anyway it is good for links and that helps too. That search return is for aliens, so it gets a better layout sometimes than the tag cloud.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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