Blender 2.5 has example scripts

import bpy class OBJECT_PT_hello(bpy.types.Panel): bl_label = "Hello World Panel" bl_space_type = "PROPERTIES" bl_region_type = "WINDOW" bl_context = "object" def draw(self, context): layout = self.layout obj = context.object row = layout.row() row.label(text="Hello world!", icon='WORLD_DATA') row = layout.row() row.label(text="Active object is: " + row = layout.row() row.prop(obj, "name") bpy.types.register(OBJECT_PT_hello)

The distribution for blender 2.5 has examples included with the distribution. While investigating the available resources this was discovered in references to the weekly developer meetings.

Language that speaks in icons and images. It really seems that somebody has failed to grasp the "BIG" picture. I certainly am having trouble coordinating things and concepts from areas as divergent as sub nuclear structure and life in the universe, but I see the patterns in the tangle. It is a giant tangle of strings that share many common elements. It would be like taking te genetic code in DNA of every organism that ever existed and selecting the coding strand to mix with every other DNA.

DNA is function and data at the same time. In programming the function and data are separated conceptually. It all resolves, but it is such a headache as I have never known before. It has started to abate as the systems collapse and are ordered. It is obvious that it resolves to a single method structure that encompasses all process-data from the field of the smallest particle to the composite structure of the universe.

I am just waiting for my brain to reorganize to the relationships. It is already helping and I see what can and must be done with the structure of data available. It is the dependency tree of the universe. In the same way that life originates from a very simple mechanism, the structure and understanding of the universe progresses from a very simple algorithm. If I use it now it will be as tangled as everything else and all I can do is clean up loose ends and wait for the rotation in the many dimensions to align.

I have a glimpse of what this means and how it extends. It seems that many things that were difficult and impossible to comprehend now become mundane.

Some conclusions I have made, or more precisely resolutions, are now falsified in the new structure. The recursion is dizzying in its observation, but required to resolve the twisty little passages that all look alike. I saw a thing about the slope of the exponent curve at 1 and "e" that was very interesting as it is a concept that I represent as the branch to infinity measurement. Of course it is a first derivative in the technical sense, but I never saw it expressed that way before.

I have some new python scripts that could only be labeled bizarre in their form. It is the script that I use to discover and categorize for the AI. Really interesting, but too much consideration will tangle the resolution, so it waits.

Something odd is happening to the Earth, or there is data that suggests a major natural cycle that has occurred before is about to recur. My guess is that it is some quorum state that happens infrequently. I am going to be watchful. I don't even know why I mention it in this context, but ultimately everything relates to everything else.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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