Chuck Norris Dark Money collider

I have built a Dark Money Super Collider. People are given a free ride on a merry-go-round , they are then accelerated to the "speed of light money" C notes, or what non-scientists call paper money. As they reach the critical velocity, Chuck Norris executes a roundhouse kick and the "Dark Money" is released.

There are worries that releasing Dark Money could cause a massive Monopoly and control the world. This has be analyzed and it is well know that Dark Money evaporates in the presence of expensive hookers, Italian sports cars, and cosmetic surgery. I feel there is no risk to the human race by collecting this much Dark Money. The only known side effect is the production of Paris Hilton particles. These are in the Heavy Boosom category of Strange Quirks that have Up and Down Charm simultaneously. It violates the Pauli exclusion principle by having a state which is both repulsive in some aspects and attractive in others. Symmetry is conserved and so there is no known way to exploit quantum entangled pairs of look a likes, except in the vicinity of Japanese stewardess costumes. Some people say they have seen Hadrons in the vicinity of these particles, but that may be some dyslexic artifact. The results are analyzed and confirmed using the BOINC software.

Some people say that gluons are a form of vajazzling, this may be difficult to understand intuitively. Jewels carry three types of color ; anti-jewels carry three types of anti-smell ; anti-imaginary jewels carry anti-taste. Gluons may be thought of as carrying both color, smell, taste, and anti-color, but to correctly understand how they are combined, it is necessary to consider the mathematics of color charge in more detail. Since quirks don't actually have color or charge, and the term color is already another scientific concept entirely, I use the term skunk or fishy smell. I also refer to real skunks in the same sentence to make the arguments more convolved and specious. So it is clear that you do not understand what I am saying as I don't have a clue what I am doing and I only say these things to hide the Dark Money.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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