Blender 2.5 Python 3.x and Make Human

This is kind of cleanup work. Blender comes with Python 3, which is different and blender 2.5⇒2.6 is different also. Make human has changed and so has make ant. It is a lot of change and so that is fun. In the process I am going back and analyzing how HOX (Homeobox) genes act to make an organism and it is somewhat like the Cube game engine. I can have a python script that generates an organism and correlate how the organism develops. I use a different approach and have volumetric muscles which are objects and the laws of physics determine how the muscles act in a circumstance. By also creating a cellularly modeled neural array that is trained, the entire process proceeds from DNA to model without any intervention, if I get the relationships correct. I am going back over this to make the entire process programmable in English.

The work involves tuning the relationship between a symbolic gene set and the product organism. I always learn some new things when I revisit the techniques and this is a great opportunity to make the process more coherent, and perhaps extensible.

The image is an example of a series of steps applied to a cube. I can do this in my program also, but the interface is designed differently and projected to be coherent with WebGL arrival.

One of the things I wanted to do, is to see if I could recurse everything and have a python script that was a tutorial in blender 2.5 and python 3.0 that would generate a video and blend file that could be played along with the video and the sound generated by a voice generator.

This way it would be easier to explain how antfarmgl and the WebGL interface works.

I may seem that I hop about subjects all the time, but my days are full and I study physics, genetics, mathematics, programming, and chemistry all at the same time and a couple posts every day is like 2 frames of a 14 hour video and they are bound to be different, unless I just sat and stared all day.

People are creating new scripts for gimp every day and blender has interface to svg. In addition I am developing new tricks and each day make the scheme scripts, interfaces, python and overall process more clear and easier to use. Sometimes I am frustrated when I have an idea of some decoration that I want to create for a post and so it isn't perfect, but each day makes it a little less frustrating.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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