Dark Money Theory

Now I can quantify what I feel. If I see an image on Google and it has a strangeness about it, then, how can I relate that fact so that others can know it? With the new image dimensional analysis it can be quantified and I can extract a dimension of reality if I want from the image. It isn't reality itself but the sense of it. In life we can enter a situation like that we have been in before and all of the sudden get a sense of unease and apprehension. This can be the result of subtle differences which are not easily quantifiable without a dimensional analytic approach. If ten variables were all off in the same direction it would trigger a dissonant effect or an artifact. The apprehension comes from uncertainty of the outcome when the situation is not progressing as previously experienced and thus is likely not to be controlled or shifted to a beneficial outcome with known methods.

That is the sense I get from Bang theory. So Dark Matter is the thing that makes the theory work and it is not Dark Matter at all, it is cognitive glue that defines a thing that could make something work like it is predicted.

I can imagine an ad executive explaining to his boss that the projected sales are low because of Dark Money which acts like anti-money in some ways and causes changes in cash flow that are somewhat less understood than Light Money. It makes me dubious, ill at ease, and apprehensive.

There is something there in the system, but what must be there is not one thing that is dark, it is a whole range of things that are in the dark. An entire spectrum of things which are not responsive to light is not a single set. In fact the elements that would be contained would bear little similarity if not lumped as things we don't yet understand. I am going to go out on a limb and say that I don't get it because of Dark Intelligence. The Dark Intelligence causes me to think things which aren't true , but in fact are true, you just can't see that because it is too dark.

I can project to intersections in many dimensions and I can say that "things" which influence the progress of the universe would not lend themselves to precognition and prediction. It is in the shape of what becomes, that the influences are seen. As such, they could be said to be "dark", but as easily just unknown or unlabeled.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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