Cheating Checkers

If you read my blog ( which nobody really does except me, so I guess it is like talking to myself ) you know how much I like to cheat games. The FLTK has some examples that come with the source and it is OpenGL tool kit. An interesting thing they have done is go one step further and include configure in the make file. It is not even challenging to start from source and get the finished product. It requires the ability to type the word make in a terminal which could be daunting for some, but that has to be purely psychological. I am sure there are 7 year olds that actually do this.

Anyway I am goofing with the source to see what I can learn from the fact that it is a solved game and extend the logic a bit to boards that have many more checkers.

Strange things are happening in the intertubes and why IDK.

It has a lot of interesting things that are in the package and this is the equivalent of "gears" I guess. I am getting the idea that I can take all these projects and bind them into one interface that allows all the features to be shared. Something like a generic UI that does gimp-like and blender-like and ImagigeMagick things from the library interface. It hasn't gelled yet, but I am sure it is possible to automatically discover the proper libraries and functions and meta code it from scratch on initial invocation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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