It's dark when I close my eyes

Dark Matter map, de-colorized, and a lemur as a backdrop. They could have made a blender file of this and it would have been infinitely more intelligible. I suppose that is the point, they just show pretty pictures of stuff and keep the good stuff for themselves. It isn't like we pay for this with our taxes. I took a course in atomic force microscopy and I was very disappointed by the people in the field. They lacked skill to interpret what they saw and simply spent all their time colorizing images to get published in magazines for extra dough.

I have and atomic microscope that allows me to see how atoms interact and that is why I took the course, to compare what could be done with those instruments and it is horribly convoluted and expensive. I have also used xray spectrum analyzers and many different atomic microscopes in the semiconductor wafer business.

There is a structure in cells that cannot be seen without this device and I am close to determining how it is instantiated and what it does. It appears that the behavior of some single celled organisms could be explained by the structure and it appears to be a type of brain. If I recall correctly, sea stars use pneumatic logic to "think" and this is consistent with how nature would respond to complexity. It is a limited parallel to the brain instantiated in a single molecular thread. The action of photo rhodopsin is very interesting as it acts as wire, circuit and detector.

Much like everything else in the cell, this mechanism and structure seems to serve two different major functions and like everything else it has side effects and interactions. I am guessing the whole of a human is 10^26 computable as a minimum. There is research to make DNA computers and I think they have missed this because it is not observable. Like everything useful that can be done, nature has found some way to implement it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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