Angular Incentive (AI)

That part of the brain that keeps an image of others and how they react is very embarrassed for the physicists. I am reasonably sure that I have a complete and simple mathematical proof that the big bang theory is not possible. I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but a person has to accept some things that others propose without consideration, simply because I don't have the time to reinvent the wheel every day. It is about trust and now they have no trust at all from me.

This is so obvious that a junior high school student could solve it. Now to see how long the world continues to function under this delusion. That is what I am all about. I figure stuff out and watch. If I were to spend my time trying to straighten them out they would just pounce on me like a cougar and attempt to destroy me in any way they could to avoid the embarrassment. It is best that I keep it to myself.

It isn't that difficult and we are talking about some minor aspect of relativity but integrals aren't that difficult and there are math packages that do the work. It just requires adding a factor that exists. When I become comfortable with the solution I will make some hints and we will call it the discovery game. Unlike silly manufactured realities and secret clues to next weeks episode, these puzzles have vast consequences and one is the fact that a newer wavelength test is possible and that will be the real test. I wish I had all the data available and could trust them to feed raw data, but I don't and perhaps that is not true, but I hate being misled and they have a habit of obfuscating things that they want to hide. I would imagine that the "scientists" in the time of Galileo hated him for his ideas and since a person actually has to understand the process to make a judgment, most people can't make the judgment as they haven't spent the amount of time that I have knowing the subject. We sometimes have to trust and as a result we get bit, that happens.

I have another analogy for the wavelength cut out of life. I go to an abandoned farm house and put a metal bar, a bag of sugar and a bar of wax. I go back a year later and the sugar will be gone and the rest will be untouched, life seeks what it needs and energy in the form of light and heat and chemical energy is the first.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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