Mind to the 5th power

This is a puzzle I could cheat, but it is solvable. It comes with the FLTK as a test program.

I do see how empathy sympathy and emulation takes place. It is like a mind in a mind and much like wearing a people suit. So now I can think of how people think of other people. It would be a recursive thing as at that point it merges. That is an interesting thing as the "I know you know" riddle does not expand to infinity as one might possibly conjecture.

The next puzzle is to assume that galaxies are not moving away from us at any speed other than general wandering motion. What would cause light to shift red in wavelength proportional to the distance it travels? It seems a simple puzzle, but when you have solved a puzzle it always seems easy and when you start it is unknown whether it will ever resolve. That is how I felt when I started this puzzle shown which is glpuzzle.cxx with FLTK. It is a tricky one and it took several runs to be able to model what I wanted to do and how to achieve it.

It has a solve option, but the solver does not pull the white cube out, that can only be done when it is solved. The code is quite another puzzle and how the solve takes place there is a new thing to understand. Funny that it is called Faster than Light Tool Kit as I was discussing a little light trick that I know. I suppose it could be called the Cherenkov tool kit too.

I was wrong, when the puzzle is solved by the machine it does allow you to move the white block. It does however solve it with a different handedness than I did myself, which is interesting in itself as there are obviously two ways to solve and I wonder what the decision tree looks like?

After three days this looks absurdly easy and the difference between left and right hand solves is obvious just looking at the puzzle. It seems to reinforce my new understanding that original thought takes place inside a brain cell and it requires the growth of dendrites and axons to establish a larger framework. I can see the entire tree and traverse it in my head now.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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