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I watch a lot of blogs and sites and I have tools to do searching and analysis to separate the wheat from the chaff long before I look at it and today I saw somebody almost stepped on the secret of gravity and it IS coming and when it does, ceiling cat help us, because it is going to be an E ticket ride. I'm using beta Wikipedia and I hope that doesn't screw up my links.

ADDED: I have been looking further and my best guess is that it will be known by at least one more in less than 3 months. Locks in two dimensions and by my analysis of the way in which the game solved, once the complexity is reduced by two dimensions, the rest follow faster. It is just a matter of limiting the scope of analysis and once you get close it is simple to just wander around aimlessly to find the last connections. I will watch for more signs. It is hard to say how it would effect someone else. In my case it caused cascade understanding and a bit of denial. It is unmistakable now, this is the first wave of the newest technology change. Understanding electricity was a major factor in new technology and it would seem that understanding gravity would have very little effect as it is a force that is very weak in comparison to electrical effects. We are here again and if you look historically at the turn of the century 1900-1920 it was very similar. Something new was becoming known and many new things were created. I couldn't list the possible outcomes, but the products of gravity technology could dominate new discoveries for decades.

I don't really want other people to understand, as it scares me a bit. It is like genetics. At first I thought it was too scary and that fiddling with gene sequences was somehow evil, but I have come to realize that nature does more genetic engineering at random than we could ever do. And it is true with physics also. The chaos of the universe is more dangerous than the directed randomness of even disturbed individuals. People worry about crazies and terrorists, but look at what one single collapsing neutron star can do. It is beyond sociopath, it just is. I doubt that the most evil creature ever born in the universe could do enough damage to even get an honorable mention in the super nova hall of fame. I see many things and I look forward to seeing what potential applications I failed to consider. It scares me, but a roller coaster ride wouldn't be much fun if there were Ø ø risk involved. CamelCase uint64_t 0x FaceØfBøe

The destructive force of maniacs is limited by the fact that they destroy and in the process destroy their effectiveness to do damage. A virus is somewhat like that. If it kills the host, it kills its mechanism to survive. Madness and crazies will always exist and they are self limiting in the same way any directed destructive force is limited, by the fact that destruction inherently limits the complexity and effectiveness of action. There are characteristics of many systems that act to clamp the system in limits due to the interaction of many variables. In our culture I assume it is the biological drive to genetic selection which forms the foundation of conflict even though it likely has no effect on the evolution of advanced species. It seems hard to believe that selection of species on ability to evolve a new form would be a dominant strategy to directed evolution. It seems to me that random combination and the mystique which surrounds it is purely a remnant. Strange images lurk in the corner case of existence.

I saw an article that every inch of height above 5'8" is worth $30,000 in the dating game. Doesn't that tell something about people. I would be a quarter million to the good in that case. It is stupid. And that is why the my elvi grep --invert-match 'Angelina'

So in the process I discovered something and I will make a new post to cover the technicalities. kodos and kregexpeditor


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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