Lecture Browser: MIT OCW Enabling Search within Video(AI)

Something I discovered at MIT and this is really interesting and should be a good reference to CSAIL (AI). It is similar to what I was doing with videos and I did not know this was being done already when I originally posted this , this is completely new to me anyway....It is another exponential expansion of information and I am going to try it out and see what I can add to the process. The future - just passed is getting stranger every day. I can now do a widget with WebGL and wander around in MIT educational space. Very odd. 0xfef1fo fum I smell the video of a magic sum.


Here is a link to the lecture browser and it requires real player 11 and so I am going to test that.

Unf5g believable! The ability to grab the specific thing and the transcript runs with teh(sic) video. This is awesome and it was able to select physics, search "neutron,stars" and find the exact reference I wanted about angular momentum in seconds. Real Player 11 for Linux is required for the page and it installed from .deb easily. This is going to be a major help for education and MIT is a benefactor of all humanity. Professor Lewin is so cool as a professor and I am so glad he is immortalized in these videos at his quirky best. A true scientist that has given the gift of knowledge. If you have not watched Lewin Physics, you are really missing something very special. The course on sound recognition is here and I think they are missing some algorithms that I already developed and so I will attempt to connect with their programmers and give them the automatic ability to correct the transcripts , as opposed to a rather tedious process of picking out the errs one by one. There are a lot of misses in there and some are funny, and rank right up there with "All your base".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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