Kodos has invaded

I was doing some REGEX and wanted to test something and behold kregexpeditor is not included in KDE4. So I looked for an alternative. "sudo apt-cache search regex | grep 'various stuff'". I found kodos as a python thing and I like it better than kregexpeditor, Many of the KDE4 things are new and as such require a learning curve. It is worth it though. I like kodos and a new perspective always helps me. It has many new features and if you want to learn REGEX from scratch even, this is a good tool, IMHO.

As far as those who catch on to gravity, the gravity guild has an open invitation and there is no leadership to the guild. It is simply a collection and many tools are already available to those who can understand how to use them. Just like life, what you do with your fingers is your business and if you feel that sticking your finger in somebody's eye is the intelligent thing to do then that is what you will probably do. Knowledge does not come with DRM, as much as some of those who sell it, would like you to believe.

The package kregexpeditor is "gettable" and seems to work fine. Python package kodos has not been modified in years, but seems quite adequate and I have the Python source and can make whatever changes I like if something needs to be added, but most of this is a learning experience anyway. It has net interface built in and can be modified for lots of fun things.

This editor is much more intuitive, I think, and it is more obvious what is taking place and I am still trying to make it goof up, but haven't found a hole yet.

I use gimp a lot along with blender, ImageMagick, and InkScape. I can modify the Python and scheme scripts or mess with the XML and change the filters to do different things. I was trying to figure out how to create a specific effect today and to my surprise, I can combine various commands and do something you can't do in other softwares AFAIK. It is the flexibility to do almost anything that I appreciate. The ability to add scripts and extend the capabilities is priceless. And sharing them is easy.

GIMP: Here is an easy one I discovered today. I select using the color tool and get little spots outside the area I want and I could erase the selection, but you can also decrease selection by 1 or 2 and the increase selection by the same amount and all the little speckle selects go away.

The new methods of selection add, intersect and exclude are also very helpful.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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