The developers have been really active and the changes to `supertuxcart` are phenomenal. Appreciation has to be given to the device driver developers also as this is running with open source graphic DRI acceleration. The game was interesting before, but now it seems professional and certainly would be very entertaining for children. I do enjoy it myself, but my favorite sport is to look at the code and change the game to see if I understand the process and hopefully learn something new.

I have been checking out all the new versions of the packages available through debian and these are becoming more usable and professional by leaps and bounds. Whatever they are doing, they should keep doing it that way. Here is a link at Wikipedia to the history of this game. The strange thing is they are trying to delete the Wikipedia entry, but why?

I understand now why the distribution is being slimmed down as the packages are becoming more elegant and complex and as a result larger amounts of data and code involved. Thanks to those developers, they have some real programming talent and an eye for the art.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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