Inside and outside the Kart in SVG

The source for Super Tux Kart is well laid out and has good style. It includes instructional information about methods, and has an overall structure that is professional. I look forward to doing some personal mods that travel through molecules or in n-space. Nice work.

The image is of a concept that is of recent concern. It is design by recursion. Stepping back from any project and asking how can the entire process be modified to control a program that creates the end result. An example that I implemented recently is a script to use ImageMagick to produce textures as part of `make`. Instead of editing images and saving them as textures, the script is modified to create the graphics on the destination platform. What this gains is the bandwidth compression from a 4 megabyte image to a 10 line script. It is possible to pass the script as the knowledge of how to make the image.

The drawing above is my first attempt to use the "NEW" and improved Inkscape. (It didn't turn out too well as I was stunned by the number of new tools and need to have a bit of practice with the filters as many are completely new concepts.) It is way more elegant and so many new features. It is typical of the new Linux packages. If you tried Linux a year ago and again today, it would stun you to see how far it has progressed. This is the true power of open source becoming evident.It is not so much the improvement that surprises me, it is the rate of improvement. The interaction is becoming more coherent and the applications are improving exponentially in stages. I suspect that in as little as a few months it will again double in utility. The integration of XML and SVG along with standardized interfaces makes it possible to reuse in ways that I never suspected would be possible. The extensions of export from Inkscape is something I have to learn and also connect to my `blender` and `gimp` scheme and Python scripts. Lots of wonderful new things are happening.

sudo apt-get source supertuxkart


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Automated Intelligence
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