The prototype DnaOS

It isn't new technology as nature will experiment with anything that can survive in some form or another. An example prototype is this bacteriophage at Wikipedia. The system includes all the necessary components to splice and duplicate. Another interesting link is here at Open Wet Ware.

I also found this and it is an interesting blog.

Nature does all these things, including cloning, cut and paste DNA, DNA to RNA, RNA to DNA, DNA randomizer, and even small "programs" that control the mind of the organism it infects. and many other things. It would seem that many of these things are cycling in a specific attractor and that their next leap could be to any number of associated spaces. A bacteriophage possesses all the "code" it needs to operate as an independent "operating system" and in this case it really is an operational system. It is hardware and software and data all in one physical package.

The real question is if there is an attractor which correspond to the core OS. If there is an attractor at some dimensional distance from a global minimum it can simply be pushed over the hump, so to speak, into the new operational space. What is involved is a virtually infinite dimensional problem that does have stable minimums in many dimensions. The game puzzle I created uses a series of dimensions and rotates through these dimension to depict a 3d or 4D projection of a set of dimensions. It hardly does justice to the complexity to show a 3 or even 4D representation of these logical objects. The paths through the dimensions and very interesting and I will make a tool which allows me to "turn" in any number of dimensions to view the landscape of the attractors. I will try to create a laTex document and WebGL widget that exemplifies the attractor space for biological and nuclear systems to include the interactions at the atomic level.

These attractors also exist in Nuclear and particle space. It could be said that the nucleus is the core living system. Life itself is built around the attractors which operate in that framework. Life is an extension attractor which has at its core a nuclear system. Though these systems are modeled in ISO network like layers and represented at the bond level, biological level and organism level, they are coherent from the level of the proton to the brain and existence itself in an infinite form. I am not trying to be metaphysical or mystical, I just see that all these systems interact in a quite complex way and to appreciate the operation of life, it is necessary to understand the underlying platform, which is itself very convolved, even in a single proton.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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