Star Trick the nth generation

I had occasion to consider teleport again when I read an article at Slashdot about making ice freeze by heating it in electrical fields [ Oh BTW, excuse me Cmdr Taco as I took liberties with the SQL :), I just wanted to see what would happen if I teleported different SQL into that link.. ]. It seems that the idealized concept of the technology suffers from the nature of cinema itself. It is a Disneyland concept of what happens in reality. Genetics engineering does not just produce new cures for disease and longevity, it is also used to create super soldiers with genetic kill switches.

How odd is it, that if you have a technology in Star Trek that moves matter from one place to another and it can materialize matter inside other matter, that it would not be used to teleport a cup of "Earl Gray" into somebodies skull, thus adversely affecting their cognitive skills? Or even teleporting a teleporter into a teleporter. The types and range of perverse application would be incomprehensible. I watch the TV show "Fringe" on occasion and though most is pure fantasy designed to support the emotional framework of the art, there are glimmers of some things which might soon be possible.

What is also odd is that billions of dollars are spent to create elaborate delusions of science and little real advanced science is done. Microsoft spends billions on advertising , which must be effective since it is done, instead of having a real product. It seems that people would rather accept a projected delusion than seek a reality which might encompass some work or negative effects. Reality is the harshest mistress.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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