Order by association

I have an ordered list [ A B C D E ] and this is interesting as it really isn't ordered at all in a pure sense. Everyone is taught in English that a sequence, "the prime sequence" along with the sequence association 1 2 3 4 5 to identify the concept of order itself. There is no property whatsoever that orders letters A and B. When I look at a list of files in alphabetical order I am using a common algorithm without any real physical basis. It could be argued that 1 2 3 has foundation in the universe, but A B c is purely a human construct of the English language and is 阿乙荤 the correct order :). "A B dirty" or perhaps There are "A" "B" category "C". IDK

A good guess might be that the human language will evolve in its complexity after generations of use. It is not possible to get a sudo apt-get upgrade language syntax though it would be alright with me as long as all the dependencies were met.

Here is an interesting link at Podblack Cat to something about language that is interesting, but cultural taboos can be a dangerous thing so the link may be NSFW ( Not Safe For Work ) but it is funny if you understand the basis of language itself.荚黑猫 Some of the things there were unknown to me and as such have no shock value whatsoever. Like some junior high kids who make up swear signs like holding three fingers upside down and laughing that they have violated some cultural taboo. Certainly, the concepts exist only in the eye of the beholder.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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