Revenge of the trees

I think this is the year of "The Revenge of the Trees". It is something that trees do to the squirrels to kill them to protect themselves. I am not sure where I learned this. I will see if I can Google a reference.( Can't find it ). There is a pattern in some nut producing trees that cause them to skip a year of nut production which as a result controls squirrel population by starvation. There is no thought involved, but the effect is the same. In their nature they have a mind to starve the squirrels some years as they will survive a bad winter without seeding and the squirrels will not. On top of being a long hard winter, some trees have had a light crop this previous summer. I saw the results a few days ago as one squirrel killed another to collect what was left of their stash of nuts for the winter. There will be more snow this weekend and it is likely to get worse before it gets better. Some drifts and piles are about 6 feet high now.

Nature can be very cruel and actually there is no cruelty involved, it is a projection of human emotion on nature. It is remorseless and volcanoes rarely consider the consequences when they get upset and explode. I wonder what other patterns exist in the complex of nature and something must act to maintain stasis. I suspect that there are patterns that can't be appreciated except in the scale of millions of years. I don't think that human activity has significantly altered these patterns. That doesn't mean I think that the planet is safe from some strange effect, in fact I would assume that we would be in for it no matter what we do.

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