P++ programming people to do what you want

It is an idea and I suppose Mein Kampf was one manual, but there were many before that which applied to the "Ruling Class". Advertising, propaganda, deception, flattery, brain washing, fear, torture, prisons, murder, all are classes of methods that are used on the object(human). So:

Progress Ruler(Society people){ useThemAsObjects(people); return(void); }

The problem with the monarch game is that anybody can play and from my perspective, it seems that it is not a wonderful cohesion of humanity, it is actually a virus that destroys the organism by infecting enough of the cells to disable the organism of life. Instead of a society which is the conscientious interaction of individuals which flows from the nature of the organism, a virus infects the population to distort the usual joy that would be the interaction of humans. The king virus keeps cells from sharing information so that it can provide that information which benefits the virus, which will never be a real organism. It is a degenerate form of being which disables humanity in the same way that smallpox infects a person.

It isn't difficult to deceive people. That is what gives the disease a foothold. The disease can never be a complex by its very nature. Disease is a degenerate form and my perspective is that the nature of government is that it is the personification of this disease. I know there are many arguments that say one disease protects you from infection from the others and this is good. I don't see it that way. Humanity could be walking among the stars and what keeps them from doing that is the disease that is Hitler, Stalin, Democracy, religion, business. The state of disease free is what I would like to see for humanity and it is kind of funny that any number of kings wants to stop the physical viruses that infect and from my perspective, they are one of the many viruses that have infected mankind and it will never be alive until people develop an immune system and start putting these silly little kings in their place as a kings of hell, sorting protons for eternity. It isn't some strange violence that I am speaking about. It is simply the same function that is similar to the immune system,

  1. Identify disease
  2. Isolate from resources.
  3. Allow to grow with its own resources (non-existant).
  4. It is a parasite and dies.

Death, destruction and deception is easy and any idiot can create them. Love, honesty, complexity, kindness and cooperation are difficult and can only be implemented by an advanced society of people. It seems to me that spam and computer viruses is just another representation of that type of viral personality that includes people who wish to rule others, for whatever personal gain or even delusion. It isn't hard to identify, it reaps, but does not do work.

Humanity has managed to produce some really elegant viral kings and now it should be time to be done with it, or maybe in a million years, or never. That is my perspective. I bet that makes some people very mad and they want to kill that god damned mind before it creates the antibody to viral minds and they will have to create something instead of living as leeches.

There isn't anything absolutely wrong with it, IMHO, it is just that it leads nowhere. It is an evolutionary dead end. The universe is a harsh place and some centralized kingdom will never be the form that can survive. From my perspective it is just the view of how complexity arises and it doesn't arise from the dominance of destruction over creation. The entire process looks like the action of a parasite. However elegant and deceptive the methods, they are still parasitic. It might just be me. I suppose that some people might like being slaves as it gives them a comfort and they don't have to stare into infinity as it gives them a headache. It isn't a survivable organism is my point. Like a tree designed upside down by nature , you know it isn't going to prosper and live very long. Yet it does sometimes happen. A headless horseman. Sometimes I can see things in literature and I wonder if there are writers that put this type of thing in books as analogy to say what they mean and avoid being killed by whatever is the current "king thing". I would guess that some might be more subtle in their opinion. But what is the point, a tip of the hat to a monarch is still kneeling. The point of a sword deserves no respect.

I think that Jesus was killed because he was screwing with the take at the temples. When you start giving away a delusion of immortality for a couple loaves of bred or shelter for the night to simple people it cuts the gate at the temple and also tends to make the peons uppity. I would guess they whacked him and made a public example so that they could show that if you want salvation and immortality you must pay the Heaven™ DRM fees at the temple.

The church has been giving legitimacy and support for monarchy since the time of the Pharaohs at least. How can you counter the judge when he has been appointed by the supreme being of the universe. It is a great scam and seems to always work. If random people start giving out godhood the government is going to be upset that somebody is using their scam. It makes a great excuse to kill people you don't like as you just say they don't believe in the one true "<insert>whatever bullshit you are peddling". The use of circular reasoning is probably the most effective mind control mechanism that exists. It allows something to be created from nothing by assumption and in some ways is like "magic", but actually it is one of those things that happen in the computer industry too. Sometimes there is an HCF ( Halt and Catch Fire ) instruction in the CPU. I know that people are born perfect, without flaw and so that could not be true of people. YOINK. It is a messy piece of "wetware" that has many flaws and using the flaws in other peoples brains seems a fairly dirty trick. It is also the most effective thing.

Spam would not exist if somebody wasn't gaining something from screwing with it. Many people have said that security can't come from the software as it is the people who are the weak link and I am sure that is true in computers and in the ownership of their own minds. As I stated before, people have to be able to resist the effect of improper influence to be used as tools of others. It isn't something that can be institutionalized , it must just emerge. Reality is a bastard, but self delusion is death.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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