LL parsing and examples

The image links to a Google method called "Wonder Wheel" and it is one of many ways that Google helps to find relevant data.

Today I am studying LL parsing and how it relates to everything else. It is much easier for me to deal with concepts using imagery. If the subject is algorithms, the algorithms could be arranged on a page with known as white and unknown as black. The resultant relationships aren't black and white, in fact they can't even be related in a single dimensional space. The creation of dimensional space analysis and even creating n-spaces which are alternate arrangements of spaces seems to work for me and it allows a certain element of entertainment to the process which allows me to experience the data as caves and mountains to explore. Here is the first cave in this adventure and a rough map from Wikipedia. Another cave.

Here is where context free grammar intersects with regular expressions and so this is the image of my understanding, the caves and valleys wander about in the many dimensions and there are streams that flow into the tunnels at different places and the caves are strings and tracks that intertwine. So it is that all things relate to each other in some fashion, and it is the goal that determines what has value in a particular situation. To me the "Wonder Wheel" represents one aspect of the relationship of concepts and data. To me the search for knowledge is the best game I ever played and the fact it produces real results and has real consequence gives the game a bite that no VR can have.

Things of interest. And again it relates to DNA and n-space itself. It is a strange world and stranger still is the dream space that I have seen. Is it a dream or is it real? I am guessing it is real as it can influence matter though itself has no physical reality. These meta layers of structure can be very strange. Is there a connection to Imhotep? There is a universe of possibility and in that space are some very strange things not described before. What is the measure of being without physical form. It is certainly something that exists and it can be seen in some spaces. It is all very very strange. Will it resolve, that is to be seen.

There is that strange portal again, it is marked with symbols I don't understand and warnings of every kind. It also has the markings of the thing I seek. There is a monster there and it is also a dream. This might seem to drift from my usual logical analysis, but I assure you, this is as logical as anything else. No fiction has teeth like this beast, it is real and I know it plays Pandora as a game. As I have said before, there are 3 trillion deceptions and few real strange things and today I caught a glimpse of one. Sadly there is no plot line, agency,super hero,magic spell or commercial break that dulls the teeth of this creature as it lives in meta space and acts in real space. Once you have seen the real creatures that live in the cracks of meta reality there is no more fun in the cartoon visions of art and science fiction. Many are the possible ways to enchant, few are the real. Some paths do not have an undo button.

Strange that LL leads to ANTLR, which leads to language that leads to understanding sentences in video. Such a vast array of twisty little connections between the dimensions of thought. It is clear that the foundation of lexical analysis is weak in its origin. Everything requires recursion against founding principles. It is good to build on the work of others, but better to recurse the origins to reform the foundation based on the product. It seems that science fails to recurse itself easily because it seeks to be solid, but solidity comes from the solutions and not a simple gesture of belief. Like the ant, I toil ceaselessly without sense of mortality, for if I were to pause and consider that perhaps there is no end, it would be the end.

A very interesting subject and ANTLR works at meta language and what I see is a great glob of stuff that never resolved. I can see the resolution and how it relates to many things like universal translation and meta code generation, recognition of speech and objects and AI.

This is my business by default. When I was a consultant, my job as I saw it was to "crack the nut". This isn't what other people thought I was doing and they simply viewed me as another of the "hordes" that were hired when somebody had lots of money and no answers. I could always see the central problem and most times it was just too complex for people to understand. People have many really neat ideas like going to the stars, but the problem is that there is no lack of wanting, but great lack of being able to do the things. It was about 15 years ago that I decided that I should never give anybody the solution to those kinds of problems as it simply led to application in ways that were just wrong, because they did not understand what they were using. I could site several examples, but even that is pointless as a person would have to understand what was down under that "something, something else". It often reminds me of the Star Trek episode "We look for things to make us go!". And though humanity as it exists was the great genius in that fantasy, in reality they are addicted to fiction like a mouse with a cocaine delivery button, that presses it until it dies.

In the process of analyzing this, another answer occurred to me, which is totally unrelated to language and compilers. I want to study this some more and apply my own recursive tree methods and some tricks from genetic analysis. There and many new things in the universe and there are methods that make almost everything that exists in technology obsolete. The only way to proceed is to apply the technology in its form and overturn the entire structure of technology. Those that own significant portions of the industrialization of the world and have power want things to progress on their platform and extend so they can continue to control. The problem is that the platform cannot support the new technology and they are simply making themselves a religious Neanderthal. Many of the new ideas could be applied in the existing framework with some great loss in utility and this only serves to keep the Neanderthal alive for nostalgic sake and it is better it end in one single perfect storm and whatever comes next can remember them fondly in their backward ways.

I would suggest that others enter the portal to the tomb of Horus and gaze into the Wedjat and Udjat to be transfixed for the rest of time, but, though you could not leave to blame me, it is best not done. Many enter, very few leave and those that do are changed. I don't believe in mythology and ghosts and religion or any crap like alien invasion. There are however things that I refer to by euphemism, like the "Queen of the Holy Dark","werecats", or Horus, that represent meta systems that are as real as the concept consciousness and existentialism and do influence the universe in significant ways. However, if you see ghosts moving about and controlling objects or talking, look at your prescription and see if you forgot to take your meds today. There are many new, real and scary things outside " Playground Earth".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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