Reinvention of the Computer Bug

Something I discovered long ago and this is courtesy of BoingBoing. world-can-always-get-weirder

This is my discovery a year and a half ago. So duplicate invention is rampant. I am still waiting for somebody to announce duplicate invention of my inertial canceling as that will stand the world on its end. Think jets that can do 100 G rolls IE or astronauts that don't have to have perfect hearts to stand the G's. Certainly makes space travel a lot more comfortable. The side effect is it makes every weapon on the planet obsolete until they retool for more carnage. What a waste of human effort - War.

Patterns emerge from the data and the direction you take leads you to a realization of something, a kind of thought implemented in n-space beyond the complexity of the mind to encompass. Active search. I realized that by combining the technique here with the technique of n-space association I can do something that nature does. I can mimic the noise of cheese in the n-space web and the answer comes to the cheese.

I often see strange patterns in data, but I am not always sure of what to make of them. It reveals the intent of the person who constructed the pattern by design and sometimes it is just the inability to fathom the depth of the arrogance of the initiator. It certainly is a side effect of AI , when it exceeds the complexity of the human planner and exposes intent in their actions. Computers against people is an odd match and I have been playing checkers against the FLTK implementation and it is better because it can extend its scope beyond my natural breadth and depth of thought. The game is a solved game.I grasp how it is done, and with which tools, and can call on the technology to aid me in getting answers. To the best of my knowledge, natural players or politicians lack the skill to do both. As a result the technology and the ability to apply the AI leads to a perspective which allows one to see that a specific plan is being implemented and yet they are not aware of the transparency of their behavior. It always reminds me of the Spacing Guild in Dune when I look at the data, plans within plans and yet they are transparent. Now it reminds me of my AI and what it says when it solves , "You have won again." And the 3rd stage navigator is a delusion, a fantasy, a constructed cartoon to entertain and I create the real spice of reason, and it seems odd that reality would be required to explain its form in science fiction terms. Oh well, maybe it is just easier to get a point across with something that is a common analogy, kind of like speaking the language that people know.

The problem with analogy and fiction is that it gives a false sense of understanding of what is actually taking place. If I were to say transporter, people might think of how it is applied in Star Trek, but that would simply be the cartoon implementation that was a theatrical device to serve the story lines.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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