Flutterby Effect

I have discovered a method path which creates [ real & models & images ] of butterflies and I am projecting a highly likely association with other biological forms with a simple algorithm. The method is about as complex as my opengl model design display. It is a pattern under life and by using my n-D software, I was able to identify the controlling elements and devise a software that emulated the complete genotype to phenotype expression. I have worked from the level of planarian before and there are several interacting concepts. One is the physics of space and the enzyme kinetics. Different controlling factors dominate in different stages. The differentiation of butterfly species wings is one that has a very simple attractor framework and is easily modified to generate any number of possible forms.

With just two controlling factors I can generate the form (Of the wings, not body (separate issue worm)). It should then be easy to retrofit the DNA which controls this expression. It was not completely clear to me before how these mechanisms could generate the form and it required a bit of AI induced perspective to understand.

The software does not associate real systems names with the models as yet and I need to add that as I go along. In this case it is a thing (DNA) that moderates another thing (RNA) that moderates another thing (POLYAA) that modifies many different things , including feedback (DNA, RNA, POLYAA). The labels are mine and the model is just generic and underlying relationships are purely relational from the form itself. I would assume that this same method could be applied analogously in many different places. It appears to me to be foundational and descriptive of form itself in the way it is expressed. At the least it is a model technique which allows me to create any number of complete biological models from very little information.

I am reasonably certain that below this in form is a temporal fixated chaotic attractor which defines the basic form and as such is not so much a mechanism as a vast rotating chaotic n-D storm that is fixed in a time to become the product organic structure.

ADDED: I should have guessed this considering some implementations of problem analysis. How do you create a complex organism from a set of elements? The answer is that you cycle through the factorial expansion of relationships and stop at a pointer in the expansion. I can factorially combine any number of variables and simply select with a single temporal value. It explains why certain attractors of form do not branch to seven eyes and tails and gills as the entire process is a form of factorial interaction using cyclic recursion. It is like a reverse Fourier construction of a set. You simply modulate every possible frequency from a starting point and if you use the same random number seed ( analogy ) the nth random number is a frog. The (n+1)th is probably a non-viable organism. It would make sense as the gestation period of an insect and a mammal would reflect the positional placement in a larger decision space. It would explain how a simple set of genetic elements could account for such a widely varied outcome. It is said that apes and humans vary little in their DNA and actually if you are looking at the process in this way it could have a virtually infinite form by changing one factor, which is the temporal pointer in a factorial set.

This consistent with a system which is evolutionary and self determinant. A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the prime selector could technically lead to a new species. It has been argued that an agent of omniscient origin would be required to account for the existence of life this complex and this seems to answer how it is possible to have such a high degree of complexity.

The nature of dimensional interaction is such that each new factor adds a new infinity to the outcomes. Just like tRNA and the fact that it is instantiated multiple times in the DNA, this particular method must be well entrenched and should be obvious to spot. I could guess that the series of long repeats serves as an entropic flywheel that winds down to select the form that will become. This seems to have a high degree of correlation with effect from my experience.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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