The origin of life

I will fill this in as time goes by and I clarify the concept. It is my opinion after studying the system, that I have found the base element that determines the nature of life. The techniques is really remarkable in its simplicity and yet it can express any form stably over time. It is very much like a search algorithm that wanders existential space.

There are several algorithms of great interest and it is possible to project forward and backward in the chaos space. There is an overall species ratio that tells something about the attractors and what boundary exists in the transition. This mechanism seems to have been incorporated in even the smallest of viral organisms. Can n-D space be characterized with respect to the potential probability distributions of outcomes within a certain entropy? The nature of species has a direct correlation to the equation state of the universe. That should not be a surprise. The concept that the meaning of life and everything is 42 and that answer is in the human form is not really that comical. The nature of the organisms and their structure are a product of the primal forces of the universe and as such are an indicator of the forces in their own creation. In other words, it is possible to deduce the physics of the universe by back tracking the operation of life.

I had noticed this mechanism when studying phage, viruses, viriizorz, and simple organisms. I could see that it was there in the product and the complexity of a phage is so limited and yet it can generate complex reasonable forms and by that I mean the product is not just a random hit and miss jumble of possibilities. The mechanism can be seen in organisms ( parasitic and incomplete ) that have as few as 2,000 base pairs of RNA.

This is really interesting as this is the storm of life and now it is clear why the concept of damming the possibilities is ridiculous. How does life defeat all attempts to end it? What this implies is that all the mechanical medical methods in the world will never work continually. It is a bureaucratic game that is played with life and life has the best computers and algorithms. Until the holistic form is understood , attempts to moderate are fairly pointless.

I do think that it is possible to define a decision space with the proper understanding of the underlying forces. Nature is a beast and sometimes it may look like we control some aspect, but that is really delusional behavior, IMHO.

This is so bizarre, I can use my technique of game that moves in n-space through portals and the portals reflect the existential forms beyond the gates and in the arena of life it is so obvious what the life gates imply. N-space is definitely a strange place to wander, but it tells the whole story in parts. The more data that is there the more certain the relationships correlate to reality. In human space it tells a different story of desire, hunger and motive. I need more bots to wander n-space and they need to get smarter to know what I need to discover there.

This is the real game of life and soon it will be a widget that can be tested by others. I think I will call the widget 0xFace0fB0e :) or maybe [67 324 934 926] or IPV6 style []

I want to know where that strange ornate portal in the corner leads. This is definitely the proper form of analysis, it has extreme correlation in almost all dimensions. The answers themselves modify the form of the methods in recursion. This is far more entertaining than any game I have ever seen or played.

This actually scares me a little. When I studied retro virus forms the action mechanism scared me a bit in how well it interlaces itself with life forever. It seems to me that vaccines serve a good purpose in the short run of cultural time, but I see a scary cloud of consequence that remind me of the first time I saw a wolf spider. When you close a tunnel, a thousand new rivers form from rain of chaos that produces the pressure of life. It could be that by damming the tide of a natural sequence it may damn the originator. Certainly possible, but probable? IDK

The infinite variable word width computer is needed to decide this and that must come from physical recursion of the methods of life. A lot scarier than Alma Wade, and real.

I have a thought. Do you want the creator of the BSOD and virus ridden OS to start fiddling with life itself? Should a person who can't even make a computer operate properly, be involved in the decisions about the genetic future of humanity? I think not.

I don't think anybody has the skill level and tools to even consider "fixing" life. I have repaired many computer designs and that is my business and I would say that as many ways as there are to f2k up a computer design, there are infinitely more ways to f2k up all life by fiddling and playing Josef Mengele party games.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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