monodevelop for C#

This is based on C# code from Robert Alsing's blog. HERE. and it is "genmath.rar" that unpacks to the directory structure GenMath and contents. It contains about 30 source files and so it is time to see how long it takes to realize what C# is and how it is applied and what this specific application "solution" does.

sudo apt-get install monodevelop

If you want to use c# vcproj files that is needed. After invoking monodevelop I used the menu and just opened a "solution" which is named extension ".vcproj" and so a solution is another name for a project. I selected create makefiles and used simple. I then built the "solution"

and ran it to see what happened.

That is good, as it compiles and runs and thus all I have to do is figure out what the hell it is doing and what language is it doing it in.

return l ^ r;

I am sure what the "Xor" function does :). The language is not that different from a random intercept of java, C++, scheme, Lisp and C with a twist of lemon. I understand the language and how the program is structured and now all I need to know is what does it do? I need to grasp the nature of the algorithm and see if it is new to me, can be applied elsewhere, etc. That will wait till tomorrow as that is how my mind works. I put the data in and some time later it either pops out of the toaster or it gets stuck and it starts a fire.

A day later and my mind did not catch on fire. I have browsed the code and researched the history of C# and so it is C++++ with a potential hidden dependency on Ms for its free use. I think I will take the algorithm and convert it to C just so it is easier for me to test. This is very much like a universal constructor in its action and the factors which determine viability and fitness. The ability to measure fitness is the key it seems to me. The code is easy enough to understand and porting it to a single C file for testing should be easy. No code will be presented since this originates from somebody else's stuff. The thing that is interesting in this program is that it is a mix of object and method which is very much like life , where each element is method, object, and device.

My favorite languages are (1.)machine code, (2.)C, and (3.)Python at the moment. I will write my own implementation and then try it against some of the problems to see what happens.

This is very much like my meta code generator, as it uses various tools to measure fitness of the code. This is fitness to a mathematical construct and the primitives are combined to elaborate all potential out comes. I have extended my genetic algorithm to encompass some things which I believe are relevant to the methods of life. It seems to me that I can generate a living form using a chaotic attractor framework and this may be the real core mechanism of life as it has a high degree of similarity.

Consider a system where I modulate numerous aspects of an organism at different frequencies and use a selector in time to determine the final product. It is my opinion that the difference between a monkey and a man is that they exist in a different chaotic attractor space. I will make a sequence of images in the next post to demonstrate what I mean and show why I believe that the shape of the foot ( or any other feature ) may have something to do with whether it is Archimedes or an idiot. It also explains something that I notice in cultural evolution and it could be characterized, if the foundation principle is proved. Can I identify the chaotic attractor of the next species beyond human from this? The key to that is understanding the genotype to phenotype of the brain or perhaps something unknown and I am not ready for that.

It is another day and I have gone through the code and looked at the mechanism of its operation and tomorrow I will extend it to observe what happens if I use a universal constructor of infinite form as the elemental constructor as opposed to using the stick math, which is a close approximation of infinity when you get to 10 or 11 :) I have the idea and it is very similar to something I wrote in 1984 or so, but it is a bit different and hopefully I will gain some understanding by applying it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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