The Face of Boe hexadecimal

People who work with hexadecimal will come up with some very interesting error codes and my favorite, which was also used by others is 0xdeadbeef, but it occurred to me that the Doctor Who science fiction fantasy character ,Face Of Boe, could be represented in hex as a flag if you are using a 64bit machine. the 0xface0fb0e.

I wish somebody would come up with a standard that everyone could accept to represent the difference between O and 0 and o in all fonts. Ø Ø

Another very interesting hex is 0x5f375a86. But if you read xkcd mouseover text, you already know that.

I thought of another and it was 0xfece5 and I thought it was new, but I decided to Google and this showed up in Mozilla. It also shows up as a name on 4chan, is that a surprise?

// Build an x86 JMP instruction to jump to the desired function, // and replace the TVector glue with it. Opcode 0xe9 is a // jump relative to the next instruction. Total instruction length // is 5 bytes (in 32-bit operand-size mode). If base is address // 0xfece5 and the target function is at address 0xc0ffee, then // the instruction placed at base, byte for byte, should be: // 0xfece5: 0xe9 0x04 0x13 0xb1 0x00: jmp 0xc0ffee

This code looks a bit scary and I think I will look deeper into where it applies. Modifying assembly code seems very hackish and If I see a NOP slide there, I am looking deeper. I looked and it is a WHITE hack to deal with some sloppy proprietary closed source code. No surprise there.


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Automated Intelligence
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