The nature of Gravity

This post at Sarah Askew indicates some speculation that is closer ( IMHO ), but no brass ring yet. I wouldn't care if people dismiss my opinion as I am not trying to be the new Einstein or anything. I just know what I know because it functions and so this is my perspective. They are getting closer to what I understand of gravity and can prove of gravity , so it seems that eventually it will be known. I have said before and I will recap, what comes of it is a shocker.

The videos by Kim Robinson the science fiction writer speaking at Duke university are very interesting in their perspective of science and the uneasy alliance between the people who design the weapons and those who hold the weapons to their heads to make them design more weapons. It seems almost like my idea, and I never heard of this writer before, but does seem to be something that is obvious to a thinking person.

Whatever happens it is bound to be entertaining if people are involved. I see that the idea of a genetic operating system is not a really new concept, and I must have spaced off the fact that the Portal game is kind of centered around that idea.

Strangely, I looked at the Caravan blog again while getting the link to the videos and it proclaims "the smartest kid on Earth". I found Ensign Wesley Crusher's blog ( Wil Wheaton ) and that is interesting. I met Brent Spiner at Comdex once and he is an interesting person. The Brent Spiner official blog is pretty wild.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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