Ada Lovelace Day, Ada Implementations (AI)

As part of Ada Lovelace day I intend to study Ada Implementations :)

sudo apt-get install gnat-4.4

And then do this from Wikibooks I have my own Ada Lovelace day.It may not be official, however, as Google has another opinion about bledding.(sic).

I wonder what Bing has to say about that? I tried it and Bing sucks. They have no sense of bandwidth and they mimic Google, I think I will call Bing= "Stolen Source Google" That is different than open source. It is the relentless search for other people's work so that it may be integrated and sold by violating their rights in principle while screaming murder. I guess Microsoft is like a crack mom version of Google + Apple + Linux + Unix or maybe a software chop shop.. Yahoo was interesting as it gave me the answer I didn't want to know, but they felt I needed to know.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen