Grub 2 and KOS

I was looking into grub 2 and using the Linux dd to get then disassemble and reassemble and modify the boot sectors on my hard drives so I could boot my own personal OS I call KOS. I won't go into which methods I used with the command dd as it is complex and not something that should be done without knowledge of disk architecture. There are many ways to do an IPL and I use a flag to indicate whether I will auto boot my os,grub 2,grub original or allow a selection at boot. I also have a bootable CD for my OS which I can use to recover my hard disks if I make a typo. A debian or other distro disk is fine for recovery, but I have designed a large number of hardware oriented tools that are coherent and do exactly as I expect. Changes in open source can sometimes make a simple process more convoluted when improvements are added. I am relearning the ins and outs of grub 2 in the process as I can boot my os and virtualize the grub load for the sake of diagnostics and gather understanding of the sequence of access. There is also an issue of a failing SATA Smart technology drive and I have some direct to disk utilities that I would like to apply outside of the Linux environment as the interaction between BIOS and LBA and other passed parameters can create situations that perhaps can be ameliorated.

dd if=/dev/sda of=backup.boot bs=512 count=1
ndisasm -b 16 backupSDA_sata.boot >SDA_dsm.s
hexdump backupSDA_sata.boot>>SDA_dsm.s

And that is a generalized way to get the MBR with primary partition table and convert to asm, hex and view the text in the sector.


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Automated Intelligence
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