Inkscape to gimp

This is a specific description of what was done. It includes the menus that are accessed along with which parameters that were used.

  1. Inkscape square
  2. Inkscape filters.Textures.Riddled
  3. Inkscape text with font = "KacstTitleL" +text="Riddled"
  4. Inkscape export
  5. Gimp add layer
  6. Gimp fill "black"
  7. Gimp shift layer down
  8. Gimp curl
  9. Done

It isn't art, but what I see is 4,000 options of what can be done in factorial combination, and I haven't even applied any of my scripts that convert to 3D objects and then modify them in blender. The artistic result is only limited by one's imagination.

The ability to iconify(sic) sub windows is really sweet. Inkscape is going to be used extensively. I already see many new things that I can do. The image here is an old SVG that I did years ago to test the functions of an earlier version and to try my hand at art, and though it isn't great, I am proud that it looks like a zebra, doesn't it look like a zebra? This required very little effort to create once I understood how the program worked. I suspect I will make more pictures of what every comes to mind and post the images, SVG, and methods I employed to generate the results. This was so long ago that I forget what techniques I used. Something like this is easier to do with makehuman and then apply textures in Blender. The point was not to make something that I could use, but was just a vehicle to learn the interface to SVG and Inkscape.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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