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I was looking for an interface that used openGL widgets and I happened on glui, which seems to be a project that hasn't had new releases recently, The image is a snap of an example and I am building a GL user interface for my WebGL widget and creating a code library to make it easier to pop in some standard templates for various interfacing needs. The image experiments have reached a new stage where I can look into a new dimension of image analysis. I will post an image of the new interface which is a 3D world walk through the characteristic feature dimensions and vectors of an image. It seems it could be intuitive, but that is to be seen when it is done later today. It is similar to manifold space of n-dimensional objects.

Genetic like population of program versions that exist in a tree that is part of the gui that creates a UI that creates a UI in infinite recursion. Kind of like an evolving population of programs that represent all the species of my programs that ever existed and some which are not very viable :). The UI allows the mixing of functions, objects and methods to generate the code template from parts and the meta programming interface is also a GUI which can be an object inside the product which is a method to make methods.

I am still tumbling toward a WebGL plasmoid which is extensible and allows a kind of OS in a widget or a virtual world of code, ideas, knowledge, and methods which can be accessed in this way. A 4 dimensional window on n-dimensional space that allows turning in any of the infinite dimensions. It seems that backtrack, path tracking, and home would be good elements to have as it can be very confusing to travel about in n-space. This is becoming very interesting as it is a merger of genetics and computing and many of the things which exist in nature can be applied. One that intriques me is the concept of START and STOP codons. Another is the immune system which in a very complex way acts as a real mind within the body. It could be said that there is an IQ there that is hidden. It could be said that some people have a smart immune system because they exercise the capabilities there. I recognized the structure of that system when studying graduate level molecular genetics. It is very much like a separate mind that thinks in shapes and paths and associations. It learns and extends its capabilities over time. It is a remarkable system and there is a recent article on slashdot about this.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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