Dream walk in the seventh mind

It is obvious that something is about to happen. A pregnant world culture bearing the seed pod of realization. Will it be the first chicken or just another dinosaur egg? (ADDED: I realized that the chicken could come first if it did not come from an egg, but was from a kangaroo. Now I am wondering about ovum=egg.)

The integration of new knowledge gleaned from so many available sources is starting to become coherent for me at least. Like a child that discovers gravity from their high chair and marvels each time they push the dinner bowl off, and watch it hit the floor. Give me more pudding, I need to examine this force some more.

There are so many things that are and few that are realized. Once it is understood it only requires a quick turn to glimpse the glimmer between the edges of the political polygon that envelops the endless mind.

It seems to me that a person is made of many types of minds and can you answer whether each can be autonomous and self realized in the same space? If I had several computers wired in such a way that the bus interconnects between the CPU and the rest of the system were tangled in an access panel, such that it could not be separated without cutting the wires, what computer would be there? The dolphin wishes to live on the shore so it may come to rest and dream.

It may be as simple as looking at that which is naught divided by naught. Division or partitioning a segment into parts of a specific length when the length is not specified to exist. It seems to me it wouldn't be NaN, but sawing without a saw. It seems a bit comical that a mathematical system is designed to be so logical and it includes procedures and results that are as silly as: saw the wood with this imaginary saw and tell me the result.

I found this which was a great place to visit long ago (1995) and I remember the removal and how sad I was, I am glad it is back in some form anyway.


Aaron said...

This isn't coherent at all. I have no clue of what this is; you never elaborate on any of your points.

Paul Mohr said...

I suppose what I am saying is that math was defined in prehistory and it is a bad system because it was defined first without zero and then retrofitted.
An allusion to the chicken and egg problem. Of course it is the chicken egg that comes first and so it is an analogy to evolution and the changes that occur through recombinant DNA to produce new species.
Government policy restricts information and many people cannot realize this when they grow up with only a government or media as their only source for knowledge.
And some of this is just to remind me of a graphic technique that I discovered.
The immune system does act like a mind and so does the cell in some ways. It is my opinion that existence is purely a delusion.
It is simply a rambling stream that relates to many things like Alice in Wonderland. I would say that much art is unusual.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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