Secret facts about Linux

Linux is like an ancient Egyptian mystery that unfolds as you use it. Today I was working with my new program that explodes images in much the same way as Google image swirl, except, it is the associated parts of a single image in numerous different dimensions. I decided to save as 32 bit BMP with the fourth byte to match my selection and on the web most people agree that nobody handles BMP transparency. I loaded the file into gimp to check my handy work and to my surprise it used the extra byte in each pixel to make transparent. How odd. That is the only program I know of that does this. The picture at the left is a part of a test image and that is how gimp rendered the image, even though the entire image was present. I also down loaded the source for gimp and made some mods.

I learned some very interesting things about imaging and I can now explode an image to parts and vertices's with normal vectors and vertex shading. I am retrofitting this to the gimp source and later to a script.

I was looking at potentially hidden images and I do believe there are things hidden in Da Vinci's work, but I don't think it is a simple puzzle. I can see some patterns and they suggest inner images. I know that some think it is a mirror trick, but that is a little too simplistic a conjure for a man that complex. The new tools I have created are helping me to extract things from images that I had no idea were there.

Sub atomic farticle.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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